We are far from equal

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  My mother came from a German background, my father Scandinavian.  But the reality is that I am a melting pot of many cultures.

Where we were born and the circumstances of our birth gave many of us privileges that weren’t available to everyone.    It’s also true that where we live taught us the customs and values we cherish as adults.  

However, regardless of our differences, the internet and technology of the 21st century brings us closer together and we are discovering we are really more alike then different.  But we are far from equal. 

 My interest in cultural diversity is that it not be in the way of allowing our children to learn in a global environment, one that supports the philosophy of sharing, caring, collaborating to solve the problems which are not unique to where they live any longer, but that have an effect on all people of the world. It is up to us, educators from around the world who work toward this goal of academic freedom, to build and model a high-quality global curriculum continuum that all children anywhere, anytime can access.  This curriculum becomes the tool with which our children can experience other cultures, to see the beauty in each, to recognize and respect one another in a newly developed partnership-through education.

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