Tinkering and Technological Imagination in Educational Technology: A Response

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A great article written by Jackie Gestein, Ed

There are many key pieces to comment on so I will just focus on the first to paragraphs: A few words that I highlighted are; attempts, use of educational technology, purpose of education, and assist learners in gaining the skills, attitudes, and knowledge for having a better quality of life now and in their futures.

Highly qualified people ( Sir Ken Robinson, as an example) and organizations around the world have been making attempts at changing education and yet the mill grinds on. More rules and laws are foisted onto the educators, more money is paid out by communities, yet the slide backwards continues.

Next Generation Global Education believes that attempts need to cease and be replaced by action.

First, we must change how education is delivered. We recognize students learn at different paces and in different ways yet we continue to to box them into grades based on their age – nothing to do with mastery of skills.

Our mission is ” to develop a Global Curriculum Continuum using Open Educational Resources that will transcend political, cultural and linguistic barriers to provide children worldwide anytime with a dynamic, interactive personalized education. In doing so we will assure students leaving high school are self motivated, independent learners, college or career ready, with experience in global collaboration and cooperation prepared to be leaders in the 21st century.”

We ARE building a global classroom using the following ideas: Mastery of Learning, using CEO’s, building curriculum based on learning styles, developing personal learning tools, and Global Project Based activities.

We welcome any individual, organization, or counry to join us. We are global – no longer should we be separated by imaginary lines of states and countries. Divided, we will always be conquered. Together, however we will bring education into the 21st century and beyond.

For global education to be successful it must shed its traditional ineffective ways and create the synergy necessary to form a learner-centered global instructional model as we progress forward into the 21st Century. Through the education of our children, working and learning together in a world environment, we will be able to survive and thrive.

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