K12 Next Generation, LLC

The thirty years spent in public and private education has provided insight into how teaching is currently done, and how future education can be far better by making positive changes to the very foundation of how children are taught.  My experiences range from teaching elementary multi-grade to working with medically fragile, multi-handicapped children, running a day care center to designing an academic program for middle school students placed out of the public school system. 

The last couple of years have led me on a serious quest to develop a highly successful way to educate children.  The investigative search led to putting into practice, a competency based learning environment that puts teachers into the role of coaching and mentoring and away from the lecturer method of teaching.  The technology already exists and I have worked on the delivery mechanisms that make it possible to work in schools, in home schooling and globally.

For the past few years I have taken my vision and melded it with the growth of technology and OER to design curriculum which I currently use with children in Africa.  My hopes are to network with organizations and individuals wishing to develop a K-12 seamless, engaging and interactive curriculum that could be used internationally. 

Founder of K12 Next Generation, LLC     2011 –  present

Quality education for all children anywhere, anytime.


Created K12 Next Generation, LLC; a virtual school district in support of schools and families providing a unique, interactive, mastery-based modular curriculum.

Owner of Mistacres School, a virtual home school K-8 co-op.

Offer organizational and assessment strategies, global networking, community and professional trainings.

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